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The Evolution in Care Tech

Over the past few years, a significant shift has occurred in how people receive and give care. With the rise of technology comes the rise of “care tech”- technology that helps people to connect with loved ones, access information and resources, and manage their health.

We will look at some of the most popular care tech tools available today.

Seamless Communication

One of the main ways that care tech is changing the care landscape is by helping people connect with their healthcare providers.

Telemedicine is a great example of this. Telemedicine uses video conferencing and other technology to provide medical care at a distance. As a result, it has reduced the need for people to travel long distances to see a doctor or specialist.

Another way that care tech is helping people to connect with their healthcare providers is with the nurse call system. One of the leading suppliers in the UK for this type of technology is Arquella. It is a device that allows patients to summon a nurse or other medical staff member to their location with the push of a button. It can be helpful for patients with mobility concerns. Moreover, it reduces nurses’ time walking around the facility to check on patients.

Generating Health Information & Resources

In the past, caregivers often spent hours scouring the internet or visiting libraries to find reliable information on symptom management, medical treatments, and end-of-life planning. However, several websites and apps now provide trustworthy information on these topics and more.

One popular resource for caregivers is WebMD. This website offers users a wealth of articles on topics like managing chronic conditions, communicating with healthcare providers, and caring for oneself as a caregiver.

Another great resource is MedlinePlus, run by the U.S National Library of Medicine. This website provides detailed information on diseases and conditions, medications, supplements, and surgeries—making it an invaluable tool for anyone caring for someone with a complex medical condition.

Customer-Driven Innovation

In the past, patients and their families rarely had access to the same information as their healthcare providers. It led to a feeling of powerlessness and frustration among many patients and caregivers. Not to mention the autonomy that patients felt they deserved was often lacking.

However, the rise of EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and patient portals have changed all that. These technologies give patients and their families an insight into the same medical information that their healthcare providers have. This level of transparency has empowered patients like never before.

In addition, the rise of patient-generated data is another way that care tech gives patients and caregivers a voice. For example, many people with chronic conditions now use wearable devices to track their activity levels, sleep patterns, and heart rate. This data can give healthcare providers a better understanding of how the condition affects the patient on a day-to-day basis.


Technology is a substantial part of life today—and that includes caregiving. The tools and resources available to caregivers have come a long way in recent years. And, as the demand for care tech continues to grow, we can only expect further innovation and advancement.

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