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As energy prices rise, here’s how you can save money on gas and electricity

We’re all increasingly aware of the energy crisis and the impact this is going to have on our bills. They’re only going in one direction – up! It may therefore seem like a pointless exercise trying to chase a lower price. But there are still things we can do to keep our bills as low as possible. In this article, we will take a look at some practical steps to take to safeguard your energy costs.

Reduce need for energy

The best offence is a good defence – in energy terms this means reducing the amount you actually need. Firstly we’ll look at how to make your home energy efficient. This way makes the most of each unit of energy consumed. One of the quickest ways to start is to install a smart meter. Watching it like a hawk is never a good idea, but having a physical representation of your energy consumption can be beneficial. It allows you to see where you can make minor changes as well as how these add up.

Go green

Once we’ve established how much energy we use we can then make changes throughout the home. A common theme to these changes is making our homes greener. This concept has gained more media coverage in light of the climate crisis, but is by no means a buzzword. It has the dual effect of reducing bills and our carbon footprint. A simple means of being green is making use of energy efficient appliances. This is a great way to cut down costs, particularly important for white goods such as your fridge that run continuously.

For heating and gas an easy fix is to have your boiler serviced, or, if need be, replaced. Particularly important given that we’re heading into winter, this also ensures your boiler is running at its best. This means using energy for heat rather than simply starting up.

A significant amount of heat is lost through our roofs, and insulation is an excellent way to guard against this. Many of us will already have some form of insulation, however less of us pay any thought to the protection of it. A way of doing so is by properly utilising loft boarding. Instaloft provides a great loft boarding service that is raised to prevent condensation. Therefore, the insulation lasts longer, negating the requirement for costly replacement.

In addition to looking at our homes we should also look at our sources of energy. Whilst the UK may not have the sunniest climes, solar energy is by no means a write off and can still make a decent dent in your bills. Research funding options available to you to help with installation costs.

Shop around

Normally at the top of any list is to use price comparison websites for the best rates. At present prices are increasing across the board, and are likely to keep doing so! Once things have settled this will prove more useful. If you are on a fixed rate tariff then stick for the time being. However, certainly do your research at the end of your contract.

Adopting even a few of these suggestions will help in the long run. Stay ahead of the curve and, most importantly, stay warm!

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